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About Me



  • Height: 5'8

  • Weight: 149 lbs

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Language: Spanish - English

       Originally hailing from Argentina, I now call the vibrant city of Los Angeles my home. My journey from across continents is a testament to my unwavering determination and passion for pursuing my dreams. In the heart of Hollywood, I am deeply immersed in honing my craft as an actor. Currently, I am dedicated to mastering The Method Acting technique at the renowned Lee Strasberg Institute.


       My journey began far from the glitz and glamour, where my relentless drive led me to pursue my passion for acting. Born and raised in the city of Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina, I harbored the dream of becoming an actor from a young age. As a young adult, I took the leap to formalize my training, enrolling in theater studies at the esteemed Jolie Libois Theater Seminar held at the Royal Theater of the City of Córdoba.


       The journey thus far has been one of profound transformation, presenting its fair share of challenges and equally abundant rewards. Motivated by a shared passion for storytelling, I had the privilege of collaborating with a dedicated group of individuals. Together, we embarked on a collective journey of writing and producing our own projects.

       In my approach to acting, I value authenticity and strive to deeply connect with each character I portray. This often involves immersing myself fully in their world and exploring their complexities with genuine curiosity and empathy. While physical transformations are sometimes part of the process, I find that the most significant changes occur within, as I delve into the emotional depth of each role.

My Training



  • Currently: Lee Strasberg Institute

  • 2012-2014: Jolie Libois Theater Seminar

       Since igniting my passion for acting in 2010 with weekend theater classes, my journey has been a continuous pursuit of growth and excellence in the craft. Over the years, I've dedicated myself to honing my skills through diverse training opportunities and immersive experiences.


       A pivotal moment came from 2012 to 2014 when I immersed myself in the intensive Jolie Libois Theater Seminar in Córdoba, Argentina, undergoing rigorous actor training alongside engaging in workshops and post-certifications. This experience laid a robust foundation, equipping me with essential tools in character development, stage presence, and scene interpretation.


       Currently, I'm embarked on a transformative journey at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles, enrolled in the Method Acting Program. Here, I delve deep into the renowned techniques of Lee Strasberg, refining my ability to portray characters with emotional depth and authenticity.


       This journey represents not only a commitment to my craft but also a profound exploration of human emotions and storytelling. Each step forward is fueled by a relentless dedication to my art and an unwavering passion for bringing characters to life on stage and screen.

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My Projects

       Each project showcased here is more than just a film; it's a labor of love, meticulously crafted with unwavering dedication. From feature films to short films, each creation is a testament to the artistry and passion that fuels my journey in filmmaking

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